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Information stress reaches everyone of us although we don’t always realise it. Mainly, technology floods us with “the sea” of information, often in an aggressive form, especially because we usually allow it. Using a cell phone, a tablet, watching television, listening to the radio and reading the press in immoderate and in an uncontrollable amount have a destructive effect.
Has it ever happened to you that after a tough day at work when you got home and turned on the news, after listening to it, you felt even more irritated and annoyed? Maybe the topic was overwhelming or maybe you took in too much information during that day? How often don’t you get enough sleep because you spend to much time at night on Facebook, reading the news and gossip or online shopping?
Unlimited supply of information causes an overload of our brain and the thoughts and functions become chaotic.We don’t give enough attention to listening to our body, we neglect relationships with ourselves and others.
The easiest way to eliminate and minimise info-stress in our life is to cut down the use of technology. First of all, dedicate some time for reflection. If you can, turn on quiet relaxing music or go for a walk. Carry out a mental selection and reduce the amount of time that you spend with technology that has got a negative influence on you. Maybe you need to introduce some new rules for yourself and your household members, such as turning off cell phones and television at set times or reading the messages from friends and replying to them only once a day, for a maximum of half an hour?
You know what’s the best for you, formulate the priorities, consciously put order in your life but don’t control it excessively. Observe which changes are favourable and which need a revision. Be consistent and adjust technology to your life but not your life to technology.
I recommend taking an information detox. Which is turning off all the electronic devices on Sunday and for example, doing things at home that we forget in our everyday rush or going for a trip in the open (maybe just in case with a turned off phone in your backpack in the event of an emergency situation;)
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