About Us

The cooperation between us will be based on trust and rapport that we are going to build gradually during the execution of a coaching package chosen by you.
Our sessions will take place personally, through a phone call or Skype.

At the beginning of our sessions we are going to immerse into establishing your goals.We are going to observe any problems that could prevent you from achieving them.This will allow you to construct better goals that you are going to pursue and reach.
Next in order to match your individual needs we are going to work on:
~building a plan of actions to maximise realization of your goals
~seeking the most natural ways for you to walk round any obstacles on each stage of the process 
~systemically we are going to watch the effects of your work and together adjust the plan, for it to be the most effective. It will allow you to achieve optimal results in a short time
~I will help you to maintain motivation through the use of tested coaching tools.

Because of my support we are going to build a long-term plan that will bring balance into your life. This will enable you to strengthen your positive attitude and habits long after our course has completed.

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