About Me

I am a coach specialising in the field of working with stress. I work with clients struggling with stress at work, which negatively influences and transfers into their personal life. I help them to manage their stress and find the balance between their career and private life.
This art of coaching I studied in Animas Centre For Coaching in London, where I received my Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching. I work in accordance with The International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics.

I am also an English language coach. I combine my knowledge and experience from several years of living in England with my passion and natural aptitude for teaching. I provide one-to-one English tuition to students of all ages, supporting them to succeed.

Coaching is my passion and is an inseparable part of my life style. Creating the balance and functioning in it is my life’s motto.  It is this balance which I follow in today’s demanding and constantly changing world.
I take care of the condition of my mind as well as my body. I love people, animals, nature, dancing, sport, music and all good things in life!

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Kasia, An Artist

I was in a tough moment in my life.
I was missing a goal and support. Some of my solutions and plans turned out to be misjudged.
I needed to go back and start from the beginning. I knew however that I couldn’t cope on my own. I needed someone who would help me to find my goal and then appeared an opportunity in the form of coaching sessions.
After my first session I regained my desire and motivation and then the rest appeared. I know that I worked on it myself but Ewelina kept watch over everything without imposing and managing.The process was happening on its own. I took a part in it and Ewelina was the light that was lighting up the road.
The biggest challenge was to find what I was looking for.
Meanwhile it turned out that I had to stop for a moment over some situations and see them from different angles. Sometimes it wasn’t easy but Ewelina and I were doing this together and I felt safer.
The best result was finding what I was looking for plus I started believing that my goals were possible. 
Suddenly it turned out that many memories from my past were telling me I did have a talent but I completely hid and rejected them.During and after my coaching the memories started coming back to me. All these nice words that confirmed that I have a talent. I’m glad that I could recall it.
The process of cooperation with Ewelina proceeded very efficiently. Always on time, always professional without wasting time, even a minute.This is very important to me.There was no waffle, only ordered actions. However, if something needed to be looked at for longer or returned to it, we would do this. 
Ewelina is a detailed person, trustworthy and in front of her one can safely open up.
She is a responsible person, respecting distinctness of views, fully professional. I am grateful that fate placed Ewelina on my journey.

Magdalena, A Teacher

I wholeheartedly recommend Ewelina Fudala-Mrowka as a life coach. First of all Ewelina is a great human being who approaches her work professionally. She is a person who inspires and motivates one to take action.
During our sessions I discovered things inside me that allowed me to get to know and understand myself better.
Thanks to individual meetings with Ewelina I managed to create a plan and to take the first  steps that will change my professional life.
Thank you.

Monika, A Business Owner

Before I met Ewelina I knew that I possessed the potential of becoming the person that I wanted to be but I always had problems with achieving this goal.
Coaching sessions with Ewelina allowed me to understand what is important to me, what inspires me and what I can do to achieve my goals. Coaching helped me to renew my motivation to take decisive steps to realize my plans.
Ewelina is a professional, who has a very practical approach towards different issues and problems and what is most important, it is visible that she cares that her clients achieve their goals.