the solution for stress that you will select for yourself with my help

Did you know that the essence of stress determines the balance between inner demands (like being a perfectionist), or external demands (like excess of responsibilities) and your abilities? The reason for this disturbed balance could be too little demands like having a monotonous  job. Restoring harmony in your life by taking actions is therefore the answer for long-term exhausting stress that you may experience in your working life and then carry into your personal life.

Balance Coaching is the solution for stress that you will select for yourself with my help.You are the expert of your life and you know what will bring stability to it.

My role is to support, motivate and open you up to learn about yourself and your abilities, understand your needs, goals and dreams and eliminate obstacles in your way.Together we are going to minimize overwhelming stress and restore balance in your life.


I am a coach specialising in the field of working with stress. I work with clients struggling with stress at work, which negatively influences and transfers into their personal life. I help them to manage their stress and find the balance between their career and private life.

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